English Subject

Various fun and meaningful learning programmes and activities are conducted for all levels to enhance the student’s English language proficiency and facilitate effective learning inside and outside the classroom. These include the English Reading Club, Musical for P. 1, PLP-R/W Programmes for P.3, DTS for P. 1 to P. 2 and P.4, KIP for P.5 to P.6, Guided Reading lessons from P.4 to P.6, E-learning activities, theme-based learning activities and English Ambassador Scheme.


General lessons

To accommodate the diverse learning styles of students, teachers employ multisensory teaching strategies. These strategies aim to assist students in developing effective learning techniques and forming connections by engaging their visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile senses. In other words, students are encouraged to see, hear, participate, and touch as part of the learning process.

Guided Reading Lessons

To cater to students' diverse learning needs, teachers offer maximum in-class support for reading. Students in P. 4 to 6 have Guided Reading lessons in the Language Room, where they are guided by at least two teachers and one English Language Teacher assistant (ELTA). The lessons involve reading commercial books that are selected based on the student's reading levels. Additionally, students have the opportunity to borrow a commercial book each week that corresponds to their independent reading level.


DTS is a real-life literacy programme designed to stimulate students’ curiosity and interest in reading and help develop students’ critical thinking skills. The programme enhances the reading skills of students with a focus on promoting reading across the curriculum, e-learning, self-directed learning and effective formative assessment.


PLPR/W offers a holistic approach to language learning by integrating and developing the four language skills, with a particular emphasis on reading and writing. The program incorporates various teaching and learning strategies, leading to effective and innovative classroom practices that enhance students' literacy development. 


Teacher Development

In order to convey knowledge to students effectively through both face-to-face and online classes, teachers attended various information technology workshops to experience, identify and select the most effective teaching and learning resources available. 

Teachers also planned and designed lesson with experts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong to enhance the general teaching and learning experience.


Quality School Improvement Project (QSIP) 2021-2022: P.6

Experts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong worked with our teachers on ways to enhance teaching strategies that would promote a cheerful learning environment. During the first term, we focused on the teaching of vocabulary and reading skills and during the second term, we focused on the transition gap from KS2 to KS3. 


English Ambassadors Scheme

The primary objective of the English Ambassadors Scheme is to enhance students' speaking confidence in English, foster their creativity, and cultivate interpersonal skills that go beyond the classroom setting. Through a variety of activities, students develop cooperation with both teachers and peers, allowing them to enhance their leadership abilities and broaden their knowledge. Additionally, real-life experiences such as field trips and outings are utilized to further promote English learning.